The ‘One Map to Understand All The Threats Facing Israel’

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Interactive map below…

(by Washington Free Beacon Staff) — The Israel Defense Forces has created a new interactive map of Israel that enables viewers to learn about the increasing threats to every point of the Jewish state’s borders.

From the Gaza Strip, to Lebanon and Syria, the map shines a spotlight on the various terrorist groups and government-backed militias that attempt to kill Israelis on a daily basis.

“These threats are real, and the IDF is forced to act on all fronts, more often than you might think,” writes the IDF.

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Terrorists turned Oregon ranch into training camp…

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Photo: The Oregonian

Photo: The Oregonian

(by Rich Calder, NY Post) — An Oregon woman says she thought she was opening up her family’s ranch to local Muslims to teach them how to grow and can veggies — and that her husband was even expecting a tax write-off.

But US-born Muslim convert Eva Hatley testified in Manhattan federal court Tuesday that after the “carloads” of fellow Muslims she met through her mosque arrived at the 160-acre ranch in Bly in 1999, the couple watched helplessly as their home was turned into an al Qaeda training camp.

“It wasn’t anything like I envisioned for the property,” insisted Hatley, testifying at the trial of one-eyed, hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Hatley, a two-time witness-protection-program flunky who prefers going by her Muslim name, Ayat Hakimah, said other Muslims from London would soon arrive on al-Masri’s orders.

Hatley’s then-husband, Ivan Rule, was temporarily out of town “shepherding” while his longtime ranch was being overrun with terrorists-in-training, she said.

According to al-Masri’s lawyer last week, the camp was similar to being in the “Cub Scouts,” with the men riding horses, tending to little lambs and telling campfire stories.

But Hatley said one of the arrivals, militant Oussama Kassir, boasted about previously running training camps in Afghanistan and being a “hit man” for Osama bin Laden.

She said Kassir told her that al-Masri was his “leader” and that al-Masri sent him and others to the Bly ranch to create a “training camp” where men would learn to shoot guns, throw knives and do calisthenics along open, spacious fields abutting a ravine and desolate dirt roads.

“He said he was there to train men for jihad,” she said. “He said that Abu Hamza sent him. He intended to train them to fight.”

The visitors, she claimed, said the ranch resembled Afghanistan.

She added that some had CDs with information on how to make poisons to “kill people” and regularly “talked” about “robbing and killing truck drivers” on nearby roads.

Kassir, she recalled, claimed there were plans to eventually dig a hillside compound at the ranch for al-Masri to hide out in.

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‘Hard Choices’: Hillary Reuses Carter Secretary of State’s Memoir Title

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By: Liz Kreutz & Michael Falcone (ABC News)

Hillary Clinton’s memoir of her four years as secretary of state will be titled “Hard Choices,” her publisher announced Friday.

Only problem is, she’s not the first one to use the title. In fact, she’s not even the first former Secretary of State to do it.

Cyrus Vance, who served as Secretary of State from 1977 to 1980 under President Jimmy Carter, chose the same title for his 1983 memoir.

Simon & Schuster, which is publishing Clinton’s book (due out June 10), unveiled an image of the book’s cover.

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Unreal: Chicago Public Schools Make RoboCalls Pushing ObamaCare, Food Stamps

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By: Caroline May (Daily Caller)

Chicago Public School parents received robocalls last week encouraging them to sign their children up for food stamps and free or low-cost health insurance.

“Currently there are 68,000 children in the Chicago Public Schools that are not enrolled in free or low-cost health insurance and SNAP also knows as food stamps,” the recording, obtained by The Daily Caller, says. “Your child may be one of them. To find out more about your eligibility call the Children and Family Benefits Unit at 773-553-KIDS.”

“Or visit your child’s school and ask the clerk for a Children and Family Benefits Unit flier,” the message added.

The Chicago Public School website explains the Children and Family Benefits Unit (CFBU) “works to ensure that CPS families receive those benefits to which they are entitled.”

Part of ensuring these families receive benefits to which they are entitled includes outreach.

Sergio Obregon, a CFBU spokesman, told TheDC that the unit primarily works to enroll CPS students in Medicaid and SNAP. He confirmed that the robocalls to parents last week came from CFBU

“It’s been very effective for us,” he said, explaining that last Tuesday the CFBU hotline received 175 calls “from families looking for assistance with respect to enrolling in Medicaid or SNAP.”

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