Former Russian Intelligence Colonel: Capitalist Economic Collapse Imminent

By Luis Miranda

Former Russian Intelligence Colonel: Capitalist Economic Collapse Imminent | global-economy-ticking-time-bomb-1024x723 | Collapse Economy & Business Special Interests

“We are on the verge of a global economic collapse and the dismantling of the capitalist system.”

He became famous after publishing several books on the infamous Bilderberg Group, the globalist infested cabal that meets annually to direct western politicians.

Thanks to him we learned ample details about the power in the shadows, beyond the control of governments, that moves the threads of the world economy to perpetuate itself in power.

Until now, the model implemented by David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger that turned capitalism into a voracious extractive model in search of infinite growth did not encounter opposition, he tells.

Estulin says that Donald Trump is the visible face of a counter-power woven by the common interests of other giants: the British Empire, Hong Kong, the Rothschilds and the European aristocracy are the support of the current US president. And both models can not coexist.

This is explained by Estulin -author of works such as Conspiracy Octopus, Demonating Wikileaks and Out of Control- in the work he has just published, The Backroom of Trump (Planet). According to himself the latest work is the best of all his books.

All the governments of the USA have intervened in distant places, from Vietnam to Nicaragua or Afghanistan, according to their own interest. But with Donald Trump in the White House, are we closer to a conflict on a global scale?

“I really doubt it,” says Estulin. Trump is 90% percent an unavoidable reaction to the foreign policy of the United States and, surely, also to domestic politics, because today the line that separates the two has become very blurred.

National sovereignty has been replaced little by little by corporate sovereignty. Initially nurtured by the state, major transnational corporations, global financial institutions and international online communities have become powerful enough to demand independent policies and, in some cases, dictate the needs and opportunities of entire countries, including the United States. These actors, who are not States, are those who shape the current global agenda.

Who in Washington fear that Trump could approach Russia and China, the traditional enemies of the United States?

Anyone linked to the liberal / banker / financier model. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the elites of financial circles have been limited to continue expanding their savage assault against the standards of life of their population and the laws of physical economic progress, while continuing to enrich themselves.

Its financial system is condemned and could explode at any moment, which would unleash an unimaginable social chaos throughout the world. The idea that Donald Trump will unite the United States with Russia, China and India in a new paradigm of economic development is seen on his part, not without success, as a mortal threat to this model´s existence.

Even in the Republican Party, support for Donald Trump is not complete, high-ranking party officials, such as John McCain, have spoken ill of him. Would it be appropriate to use the metaphor that, in order to confront Clinton, some fed the beast too much and it got out of hand?

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