There Is Something ‘Dark And Disturbing’ About This Outbreak – Bizarre Coincidences And Deadly Proficiency

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As the Black Death Plague Strikes Madagascar, Might We Soon Witness Bio-Component ‘K For Kill Everyone’?

According to this brand new story from The Express sent over to ANP by Steve Quayle, a NEW ‘Black Death’ has been discovered in Uganda, a virus WORSE than plague with NO cure according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Just the latest plague ‘outbreak’ this year, ANP will be taking a look over the next several days at the unusual surge of black death plague and the next story in this series will feature an in depth interview with Steve Quayle.


In the map we see above taken directly from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) showing cases of the human plague across the United States between 1970 and 2012, one particular case should immediately stand out.

Back in 2009, a laboratory-acquired infection of Yersinia pestis, the disease that causes the black death plague now causing a panic after wiping out an estimated 60% of Europe’s population back in the 14th century, struck a 60-year old man who had been working at a university laboratory in Chicago, Illinois. The only known case of the plague in the eastern half of the US in 40+ years, the case also happened within the 2 years following the 2007 arrival of Wyndham Lathem as a Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, where he was an expert on the Yersinia pestis, the black death plague.

For those who aren’t yet caught up to date, Lathem, one of the world’s most reknown ‘black death’ researchers, was recently arrested and incarcerated for a sexual fetish murder and as Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on October 26th, we have absolute proof that Lathem had visited Madagascar soon before the outbreak of the current deadly plague. Lathem himself admits that in the first video below, a video perhaps appropriately titled “From Mild to Murderous: How Yersinia pestis Evolved to Cause Pneumonic Plague”. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s well worth the watch as it gives us a look inside the mind of a madman, who friends and colleagues had no idea was capable of murder, who had access to material that could wipe out a huge part of the human race.


In a story about the murder that the NY Times called ‘dark and disturbing’, we learn Lathem admitted that he had sent a video tape to close friends and family in which, according to prosecutors, he admitted to the killing and told his loved ones “that he is not the person people thought he was.” What people who knew Lathem ‘thought he was’ was a brilliant man, one of the foremost minds in the field of deadly disease research, yet as we learned in the NY Times …read more

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