Waco – 25 Years Later: ABC News Claims To Have The Truth, But Is It Just Cover For A Heavy-Handed Government?

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February 28 of this year will mark 25 years since the 51-day standoff and deadly siege on David Koresh and the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. While ABC News has put together a new documentary with new details and survivor revelations, it still seems that they are somehow providing cover for the heavy-handed manner in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms handled the entire situation.

Keep in mind that the infamous Ruby Ridge incident had just occurred several months before in August 1992, in which Randy Weaver’s wife and son were gunned down by federal agents.

Weaver was later arrested along with a family friend and it was all over a couple of shotguns of which he sawed the barrels off, something that should perfectly fine under our Constitution if the DC government actually obeyed the Constitution.

By the way, though it’s no real consolation, the sniper that murdered Vicki Weaver with her baby in her arms, Lon Horiuchi, was promoted while 12 other agents were given light reprimands, but Randy Weaver won a settlement against the Justice Department for $3.1 million.

ABC also did a report 25 years later in August 2017 claiming that Ruby Ridge had become a “‘rallying cry’ for today’s white nationalists.”

Both the Waco incident and the Ruby Ridge incident did have at their center, false teaching concerning prophecy. No one can really deny that.

I don’t think anyone can deny that David Koresh was a charismatic individual who led people astray, but that was not why the government went after him. The claim is that the ATF went after Koresh because a UPS driver delivered packages to him and apparently, one broke open and there were hand grenades inside.

Obviously, that is concerning, but again I appeal to the Constitution that a hand grenade is an arm and is protected under the Second Amendment despite the violations of DC and the ATF. No one was injured by the grenades.

However, ATF sought a warrant and got it. They then began to stake out the compound of David Koresh, and eventually, Koresh caught wind of it, removing any element of surprise and putting a lot of people, including federal agents at risk.

However, the Clinton administration at the time clearly had then-Attorney General Janet Reno directing things from Washington and sought to get into the compound with their search warrant anyway.

They were sorely mistaken. Several of the ATF officers were killed and several more wounded, as well as many members of the Branch Davidians.

The recount of what took place is fairly accurate in the documentary below, but keep in mind that it does slant to the side of the government throughout.

It’s true that Koresh did backpeddle on his promise, but at the same time, the ATF and the negotiators seemed to be working against one another and they did show aggression at the start.

The siege would last 51 days and have a fiery, climactic end, just like …read more

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